Morgan City, LA iPhone Repair Shop

We accept shipments from anywhere in the United States.


Also serving Patterson, LA and surrounding areas

Broken phone? Don't lose hope yet. The micro technology specialists at iRefurbish have experience repairing the impossible.

We reverse bad luck
In a split second, you drop you phone and the screen shatters. Or you jump in the pool -- with your phone still in your pocket. Accidents happen. Don't accept it -- fix it!

Quick and dependable
We do repairs while you wait! In most cases, we can have your phone fixed and back in your hands in less than 15 minutes.

Give us a shot. If iRefurbish can't fix it, we won't charge you:

  • iPhone Water Damage Repair -- All degrees of water damage, repairs while you wait
  • Cracked Screen Repair -- Cracked and shattered touch screens, iPhones, iPads, iPods, HTC and more
  • Custom iPhone -- A variety of custom options, colors, case designs and more

10% of all proceeds at iRefurbish go toward continuing efforts at the Adullam Household of Faith ( a group home for children ).

Visit iRefurbish at the Inglewood Mall Shopping Center or call us at 985-662-8114 to get a free estimate.

iPhone repair shop - Morgan City, LA - I Refurbish
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